Shimis Yoga

Everything you need to know

Yes, you can, you should choose your spot in the third row when signing up. If you have never tried yoga before we recommend you to first come to our beginner’s class in the Greenhouse.

For most benefits, you should come as often as possible. We recommend going at least three times per week to see improvement in your practice.

Between 500 – 800 calories in 60 minutes depending on your weight.

We focus on different body parts each day to achieve the most benefits and improve in your practice. Everyone’s body is different, some people are naturally more flexible than others, and others are much stronger. We focus on different parts of your body every day to make you a stronger yogi and cover everything that yoga practice has to offer.

We have Emirates cabin crew discounts and many promotions throughout the year. For more information, please contact reception.

You can freeze your membership due to doctor’s order,  pregnancy, or long term travel. Please contact the receptionist for more info.

We kindly ask you to cancel your booking 12 hours before the class to avoid charging you for the class.

If you are late to the class and we have not given away your spot to the waitlist, you can still come in, and try not to disturb the clients who have already begin their practice.

You can find all information regarding our return policy on the Terms & Conditions page here.

Terms and Conditions

We recommend first to discuss your health condition with your doctor and explain what Shimis is about. If you are coming to the class, make sure to inform your teacher about your situation.

If you insist on bringing your phone, please put it on airplane mode and place it at the back of the room in the designated area.


Yes, we have four showers for the ladies and three showers for the men.

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