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Inversion Workshopwith Dylan Werner

The one & only Dylan Werner is coming to Dubai for an inversion workshop with Shimis!

3 days & 5 classes that you don't want to miss! You can sign up for each class separately or get a discounted rate if you sign up for the whole weekend!

Dates: September 23rd - 25th, 2022

Location: Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE


Early-bird // book before June 30th

Single Sessions 325 AED

Full Weekend 1,150 AED (all 5 sessions)

Standard rate // book after June 30th

Single Sessions 425 AED

Full Weekend 1,450 AED (all 5 sessions)

M.I.A Yoga - Myofascial Integrated Alignment

Friday, September 23rd | 6pm – 9pm

Not your typical vinyasa class. Myofascial Integrated Alignment is a holistic approach to sequencing vinyasa yoga with the primary focus of restoring healthy natural alignment by balancing myofascial meridians (tension lines of muscles and fascia.)

We focus on stimulating and building fascial properties (i.e., elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity, glide, creep, etc.) increasing strength and mobility to allow growth and optimal recovery. We will also stray away from traditional yoga alignment by "tuning" postures to maximize the pose's potential within the focused myofascial meridian.

To develop kinetic freedom, we combine this with spatial awareness, balance, and full-range-of-motion movements. Ascend towards arm balances and handstands, with options given to modify and play along the way.

3-hour Vinyasa class - All Levels

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Handstands Part 1 - Quest for the straight handstand

Saturday, September 24th | 9am – 12.30pm

The quest for the straight handstand is a never-ending journey towards the perfection of balance and form. We begin by learning how to effectively open the shoulders, strengthen the hands and wrists as well warm-up and open the body in various ways that are advantageous to handstands and vital to building a solid handstand practice.

We then dive into the physiology and anatomy of handstands and how to apply our understanding of the body through numerous partner drills and solo exercises, creating structure and stability to build a more solid and beautiful handstand. This workshop is perfect for people beginning their handstand journey to experienced handstanders looking to perfect their form.

3.5-hour Workshop - All Levels

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The Physiology of Flexibility

Saturday, September 24th | 2pm - 5.30pm

Understanding how to increase your flexibility safely and effectively can be very challenging; not because the concepts are difficult to understand, but because many factors contribute to flexibility. This workshop will help you understand how to maximize your efforts. During the course, we will weave through lectures and practice to understand what myofascia is and its qualities, such as elasticity, viscoelasticity (slow and fast properties), plasticity, glide, and remodeling, and how our genetics play a significant role in our flexibility. We will move through the physiology and practice of active vs. passive stretching, monoarticular vs. polyarticular stretching, and end-range neuromuscular activation. The workshop is highly informative and will open the mind and the body to the complexities of flexibility.

3.5-hour Workshop - All Levels

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Handstands Part 2 - Shapes, Entries, and Transitions

Sunday, September 25th | 9am - 12.30pm

In part 2, we move from simply handstanding to the beautiful expression of hand-balancing. We learn to flow from shape to shape, and access our handstand line through various entries with precision and grace while understanding specific techniques that allow us to move without effort. This workshop focuses heavily on precise drills to train kinesthetic awareness while building the strength and stability required for an advanced hand balancing practice. This workshop is a continuation of Part 1 and is suggested for anyone who takes the first workshop.

3.5-hour Workshop - All Levels

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Deep Opening: Backbends to Hollowbacks

Sunday, September 25th | 2pm - 5.30pm

Backbends are challenging for most of us, and adding a backbend to an inversion may seem impossible. But, surprisingly, inverted backbends, like scorpion handstands and hollowbacks, can be easier to balance than a straight handstand. Our focus begins on establishing a healthy backbend practice by understanding the anatomy of the spine, hips, shoulders, and related muscles. Then, after exploring new backbend techniques and tools for the practice, we take it inverted, first playing with scorpion handstand and hollowback drills against the wall and then with a spotter.

3.5-hour Workshop - All Levels

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